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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apple Watch : How the battery makes it a Gadget

I have been using my Apple Watch for over one month. Overall, I'm happy with the software and the experience. However, the short battery makes this product less of a tool and more of a gadget. 

The design of this watch always being there for you, a constant companion on your wrist. Much like what people think of their smartphone, but how long can you go without your smartphone? I don't know about you, but I still use my iPhone when it is plugged in and charging. The Apple Watch is unusable while charging, it isn't on your wrist. I don't find it a constant companion, when the battery is charging ... in-fact, mine is charging right now and off my wrist, and will be for another 1 hour. I default back to my iPhone as my constant companion, I can just reach for it and us it as I usually do.

It is a small device with a small battery, you can't change that. It has a beautiful display and a fast processor, these make the battery life much less than other smart watches on the market. 

Maybe future technology will allow for a similar design with a much longer battery life. But for now this is what we have, an expensive watch with one solid day of battery life. 

[ Doesn't stay on the charger ]

Currently, I find myself charging it on the go. The Apple idea of charging while you sleep and putting it on the charger every night before bed doesn't work with my lifestyle. Maybe I'm not the norm and people find this routine easy. 

When I do charge it, the inductive charging is kind of cool. But frequently the watch falls off the charger and isn't charging. I would just prefer a cord to plug-in and make a solid connection. I feel the inductive charging is more of a sales gimmick. Also, when charging Apple should always show the battery percentage on the screen and the time.

Wouldn't it be cooler if you didn't have to be without a watch while it is charging? Take a look at my idea for that : 

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