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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple Release : Ideas and predictions

Apple is going to release the iPhone 6s and maybe a larger iPad tomorrow. Here are some thoughts that I put down Saturday about what I would like to see.

Usually, I hope for a lot from Apple's releases. I'm always left wanting Steve to come on stage and say 'and ... one more thing'.

What I really hope to not see :

- Just another phone update that makes them thinner and feeling even more delicate and bendable.'
- A full sapphire screen - boring ... right?
- Integration of Beats into the phone, Beats branded internal speakers or some nonsense like that.
- Software updates without any cool hardware updates.

What I really hope to see :

- A new phone design that breaks the Apple shape language that hasn't changed much since 2001 with the release of the iPod.

* - Take a chance and try a new shape, I like a wedge. Gives me a grip, less slippery and sits nicely on a table.

- Battery, Battery .. Battery -- I want a larger battery on my phone more than most other features. My sketches have ideas for a new shape that allow more room for a larger battery.

* - My phone is skinny enough and light enough, I wouldn't mind more mass and size for 150% more battery.

- A more natural camera placement that allows for a better grip for taking photos.

I usually have more time to annotate and details my ideas, I apologize for just attaching pencil sketches .. but I wanted to post before the event tomorrow ;/