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Wonder Workshop : Dot's Tie Fighter

I wanted to share my homework assignment from Wonder Workshop. Prototype something engaging for Dot the robot, using the lego compatible attachments.

It started with a Lego Star Wars kit, and I built it as Lego designed. The kit was finished and was collecting dust, and I wanted to have some more fun with it.

 ... so, I modified it to use Dot. Dot seemed like a perfect fit for the Tie Fighter. 

And since the robot is just $49, I think Dot is a great toy to bring Legos to life. Dot has connectors that are compatible with Lego Blocks. 

Instead of just following building instructions, I used imagination and expressed myself with the modification. It was a lot of fun, enjoy!

I modified the Tie fighter for Dot to be the pilot.
( Click or tap for larger images. )

The top cover hides something, open to reveal.

The buttons that control Dot.
Dot has Lego compatible connectors that snap on each side.
Tie Fighter upside-down, showing Dot's cockpit.

Putting Dot in, slide to fit.

Dot is mounted.

Let's turn him on.

He comes to life. - 'What where am I?'

Let's run the Tie Fighter program, made with Wonder.
( The app I designed for Wonder. )

Video of the program interacting.

Video of Dot being ejected.

This is the Wonder program I used to bring it all to life.
I recorded Star Wars sounds for this program, using the iPad.
Entering Freeplay with Wonder.

Looking at the State Machine Program used for the Tie Fighter.

Connecting to Dot via BTLE.

Transferring my program to Dot to run on the robot, no device needed!

I also built a stand to display the Tie Fighter.

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